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  • Current Version:Version: 5.3.5
  • Device Type:Device: iOS Universal
  • Category:Category: Productivity
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  • Download Size:App Size: 11.22 MB

Application Description

Site Audit Pro by Veam Studios is an easy to use auditing and snagging tool for iOS devices. Designed to aid the process of identifying items that need attention, Site Audit Pro uses innovative technology to record the issues you have annotated, and collate them all in an easy to read PDF report. Site Audit Pro is the way forward for mobile inspections.

Below are some of the great features that Site Audit Pro has to offer:
- Capture any issue on your device and annotate the images.
- Includes the option to record these issues in text format.
- Have your issues compiled into a dynamic PDF report within seconds.
- Email the report to any account worldwide, directly from the app.
- Transfer the report straight to your computer through iTunes file sharing.

New in Version 3.0

Redesigned interface:
- User friendly interface for easy in-app navigation.
- Redesigned to enhance the experience in an outdoor environment.

- Rebuilt from the ground up, with speed in mind.

- Unnecessary buttons eliminated to create a faster end to end journey.

Better Annotation Tools:
- Undo, Tools and Colours. You now have more control over how your annotations look.

Set the Date:
- Ability to amend the date of an audit.
- Set any date in the past or future so you have the flexibility to create the projects anytime you wish.

Change 'Issue' Label:
- You can now select what the Issue specifier is.
- Rather than you report saying '15 Issues' you now can select a more suitable label.
- e.g.'15 Tests' or '15 Problems'.

In-App Upgrade

Report Enhancements:
Add your company logo and client details to the PDF report. Alongside personalising the report you can also add a signature with this upgrade.


Your mobile device must have at least 11.22 MB of space to download and install Site Audit Pro app. Site Audit Pro on sale for only $12.99! Download it from iTunes now to save money. Hurry in for the deals, they are updated daily.

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