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Application Description

The University of Leeds has developed the Recognising and Responding to Acute Patient Illness and Deterioration (RRAPID) course.

The philosophy of the RRAPID course is to emphasise early recognition and rapid response to the acutely ill patient and to equip undergraduate and postgraduate medical trainees with the appropriate skills to manage such patients.

A multidisciplinary team of clinicians and clinical educators have developed the RRAPID app. It contains concise information about recognising and responding to acute patient illness and is ideal for use as a quick reference guide within the clinical setting.

This app revolves around the traditional ABCDE approach (Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure) in assessing the acutely ill patient. It has multiple checklists throughout and allows the trainee to link their essential clinical contacts from within the app.

The RRAPID eBook is complimentary to this app and provides a wealth of visual and interactive learning material. It can be downloaded via the AppStore or accessed for free at rrapid.leeds.ac.uk/ebook.

This app has been designed as a guide to clinical practice and does not aim to replace the valuable hands on teaching given by doctors and educators. Information included in this app is up to date with current clinical practice. It should be remembered that protocols, guidelines and drug doses can change.


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