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  • Current Version:Version: 1.0.5
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Application Description

Qwikball is an addictive turn-based strategic soccer game!
It is like a combination between Air Hockey and Pool.

Line up your shots carefully, and aim for the goal!
Challenge your friends! Show them who is the Qwikball Master!

The single player campaign will test your skills to the max!
The opponents are tough, do you have what it takes to conquer all challenges?

- Unique strategic gameplay! Choose each move wisely!
- Exciting single-player mode!
- Varying gameplay with each level!
- Fascinating multiplayer!
- Customize your team!
- Customize match rules, add time limit or extra modes of play!
- Unlock even more options after some progress in the single player ;)
- After each match, delve into it's detailed statistics and improve your game!
- Watch instant replays of the action and re-live your spectacular goals!
- Save replays to show off to your friends!
- Choose between flicking controls or aiming manually!
- Autosave function lets you resume your match later!
- GameCenter support! (More to come in future updates!)

Have fun! :D


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