The Vegan Soundboard

  • The Vegan Soundboard
  • The Vegan Soundboard
  • The Vegan Soundboard
  • The Vegan Soundboard

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Application Description

Are you a vegan? Have vegan friends? Just like to annoy vegans? Well, for the first time on the iPhone here's the must-have app for YOU. The ultimate vegan soundboard is packed with 30 phrases carefully chosen to deliver a direct, totally vegan message without you even having to speak. Want to complain to a bartender that you were served non-vegan beer? There's a phrase for that. Want to recommend your latest vegan blog post to a friend? There's a phrase for that too. Finally, when all the veggie chips are down, you can deliver the message that you are too vegan to even eat out at restaurants any more (yeah, there's even a phrase for that).

Developed by Smooth Landon Software along with the nice folks at, the world-famous Vegan Soundboard iPhone app means you can now take your sounds on the road, where they can be used to maximum effect.

Turn up your volume, and tell the world you need another tattoo. You know you have to.


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