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Application Description


Classic, Rolling Balls, Skill/Dexterity Puzzle Game

The object is to maneuver the smiling, happy balls into the white holes by tilting the iDevice so that each ball rolls into a hole. Once trapped in the circular depression or hole, the ball remains there permanently. All balls roll and collide realistically, constrained by the edges of the screen. The first of the 33 levels are fairly easy, but soon players must face stationery black holes and rolling angry balls that swallow up happy balls, and losing any happy ball makes it impossible to complete the level, ending gameplay. Scoring is based on elapsed time to complete a level, and players must successfully complete a level before moving any higher.

Feature Highlights:
* 9 free levels with increasing difficulty
* 24 additional levels with In-App Purchase
* Game Center support
* Score depends on time elapsed to complete puzzle
* Sensitivity adjustment
* Cool space themed backgrounds (to see press on eye)
* Cool music
* Full support of a Retina display
* iPhone 5 compatible

Glass-topped, rolling-ball puzzles date back to the 1840's. Entertaining, simple, and challenging, these palm puzzles or skill games grew quickly in popularity. The themes of these games reflected the times, and famous games include Pigs in Clover (1890's), The Silver Bullet (1910's), and Mickey Mouse and Superman puzzles (1950's).

Q-Joops is played on a variety of game boards depicting interplanetary space travel.
Being purely mechanical, classic rolling-ball puzzles presented one challenge that is absent in Q-Joops. Once a ball was in a hole, it was possible for it to escape during the process of maneuvering other balls. In Q-Joops, happy balls cannot be dislodged once they fall into a white hole (and angry balls are not affected by white or black holes). The presence of one or more angry balls, however, more than compensates for this advantage. Anytime an angry-faced ball touches a happy-faced ball (not in a hole), the happy ball is destroyed, the level ends, and the player must repeat it before proceeding to the next level.

Q-Joops is a pick-up-and-play game that you won't be able to put down. No one in the world has yet completed all 33 levels. Will you be the first?


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