QEver - Evernote with reminders

  • QEver - Evernote with reminders
  • QEver - Evernote with reminders
  • QEver - Evernote with reminders
  • QEver - Evernote with reminders

Detailed App Info:

  • Last Changed:Time:
  • Current Version:Version: 2.3
  • Device Type:Device: iOS Universal
  • Category:Category: Productivity
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  • Download Size:App Size: 3.86 MB

Application Description

- Quickly create Evernote memo
- Add reminders to notes, or create iCal events from notes
- Recurrent reminders: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
- Clipboard watcher helps you paste from other apps
- Attaching photos to notes
- Amazing UI design, featured in iTunes
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We believe note taking should be elegant and quick.
Thus we created QEver for Evernote.

QEver is designed for fast Evernote memo. Simply tap the icon, you can start writing a note immediately. Clipboard watcher and auto insertion features have also been designed to greatly improve your experience with Evernote.

Great features:

- Start writing note and save to Evernote immediately
- Add reminder to your notes
- Attach images to note, from camera or photo album
- Monitor clipboard in background, and auto paste for you
- Send note by email
- Share note via twitter/Facebook/Weibo
- View and edit existing notes created from QEver
- Search notes
- Support iPhone 5 and iOS 6
- Easily choose notebook and tags for your note
- Set default notebook and tags
- Allow you to keep writing notes while offline, and sync them together after going online
- Swipe gestures make it convenient for you
- Elegant and clean UI
- Geo tagging, timestamp, auto-checkbox
- Customize font family and font size
- Evernote account management

User reviews:

***** "Great app that's powerful in it's simplicity. It's truly amazing how fast you can fire off new notes. If time = money, this app pays for itself very quickly. Great feedback with the developer(s). Must have."

***** "I've tried other Evernote apps and I've tried QEver and QEver is by far the best. It is much faster on start up than other apps which is what initially drew me to it. And now that it supports photo insertion and default notebook options, it rocks. Especially for a big Evernote user."

***** "Speaking of the developer, I should note that they are extremely responsive and willing to incorporate user feedback into the app (which they already did with some of my suggestions in only a couple weeks!). I think this is highly impressive and bodes very well for the app."

We believe that note taking should be a beautiful and elegant experience, where your ideas simply flow into digital world, and are saved on cloud. QEver does this for you. It is great for people who use Evernote frequently on their iPhone or iPad, and want to take notes quickly.

Dear users: please feel free to send over your suggestions. We hear, we respond, and we do improve according to user feedbacks!


Your mobile device must have at least 3.86 MB of space to download and install QEver - Evernote with reminders app. QEver - Evernote with reminders was updated to a new version. Purchase this version for $1.99

If you have any problems with installation or in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application, you can visit the official website of Sunny Studio Rong Liu at http://qever.net/.

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