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Application Description

**QED Solver – Calculations have never been this fast or easy!**
QED is a powerful calculation tool for science and engineering problems, as well as general math problems. Calculations have never been so easy - just enter your problem and tap Solve!  QED features a smart editor for fast and easy problem entry, a comprehensive library of built-in functions, powerful math solver engine, and charting capability.
*Solve Anything*
Well, almost anything! QED's computation engine can solve systems of linear & non-linear equations, numerical integration & differentiation, calculus functions, function minimization, and more. QED combines computational algebra and numerical methods to solve even very difficult numerical problems.
*Natural Entry*
We've made the syntax as close to natural language as possible and augmented the standard keyboard with the keys you'll need to quickly enter your problems.
* Complex Numbers
Work with complex numbers as easily as with real numbers. All standard functions are supported: exp, ln, sin, cos, and more.

*Syntax Highlighting*
The QED editor implements clean and elegant syntax highlighting that makes it easier to read and follow the logic of your calculations.
*Blazing Fast*
Your calculation is compiled and optimized to binary code and run through the QED computation engine. Typical problems are solved in milliseconds, including compilation time.
*Beautiful Charts*
Use QED to create beautiful Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG) charts. Charts can be pasted into other applications and resized with no loss of resolution.
*Solution Reports*
Create, print, and share professional solution reports. Customize your reports by formatting the solution variables, adding a description, authors, and more.
*User Defined Functions*
Creating your own functions provides an efficient way of making your problem both compact and elegant. QED supports both single and multi-line user defined functions.
Use QED to solve:
- Linear equations
- Nonlinear equations
- Function minimizations
- Derivatives
- Definite integrals
Built-In Functions include:
- Trigonometric functions
- Logarithmic functions
- Statistical functions
QED also:
- Generates solution reports
- Works with inequalities
- Plots and prints the graphs of functions

NOTE: Please visit support.qedsolver.com for all your support needs!


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