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Application Description

You can't hear the Dog Whistle, how do you know when it sound?

Pro. Dog Whistle App has sound waveform display, you can see the sound pattern!

Unlike others Dog whistle app, we let users record their own sound pattern.
Some dogs like longer sound or shorter sound, there is no one preset pattern can suitable for all dogs.
That why we let user record their own.

For initial use:
1. Find the most sensitive frequency of you dog.
2. Record your own sound pattern.

If you find your dog is no response to your sound patterns. The reasons are:
1. Your speaker volume is too low
2. You pick wrong frequency
3. Your sound pattern's sound is too short. The dog can't hear it.
4. Make sure you disconnect to your bluetooth headset. Otherwises all sound will go to the headset not the speaker.

Download and try Pro. Dog Whistle, you will find it magic functionality you have never seen before.

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