PC HELP - All About Your PC

  • PC HELP - All About Your PC
  • PC HELP - All About Your PC
  • PC HELP - All About Your PC
  • PC HELP - All About Your PC

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Application Description

*Featured by Apple in the "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" sections!

PC HELP - is a simple and useful app for all computer users. It helps you to understand how computer works, and how you can easy services and upgrade or repair it.

PC HELP includes 3 parts:

In this part you can learn all most used computer terms.

Here you find information about each computer part, which includes: general information, when and how you must replace it.

This section learn how increase computer productivity without replacing its parts.

The contents of the app is written in a very simple language, so even if you are new to the computers, you'll still be able to understand how and what to do.


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