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Application Description

Join Occo the Octopus on a Fishy mathematical adventure when he crashes into an alien planet full of multiplying fish!
Dodge toothy sharks and help Occo escape the fish from taking a nip, race the fish or fuel his amazing flying submarine with enough power to break free.
Five exciting and fun-filled games for kids 4 years and above:
Ray the Fish – Stop the fish before they reach Occo: Simpler addition games with a built-in fish speed!
The Great Escape – Occo’s amazing flying submarine needs the extra push to get away. Tap on a musical keyboard for the right answer.
Bubble Trouble - How fast can fish Multiply? Help Occo beat the fish and have fun piercing the bubbles!
The Big Race – Outswim the alien fish by quickly figuring out the sequence of numbers. If Occo is too slow, the Sharks will attack!
Amazing Shapes – Fuel Occo’s flying submarine with enough power by juicing up your IQ and figuring out the sequence to a number of shapes carried by those mischievous fish.
Rewards – Wow! Reward your kids with an infinite number of fish stickers for five excellent and colourful environments including The Pirate Ship, House Invaders, The Playground, The Fantastic Train and A Wonderful Fairground. Watch out for our animated fish that will swing, twirl, jump and even drive a car!
Multiplication Pages: Practice multiplication tables from 1 through 12x12 with our adorable fish.
OccoMath is the second series of mobile math games brought to you by Zixxe Pte. Ltd.’s kids brand TotsJoy. BugMath was our first. Please find a reference to BugMath here: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/bugmath/id403945979?mt=8
OccoMath Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPpQExaF1IQ


Your mobile device must have at least 19.03 MB of space to download and install OccoMath app. OccoMath is available on iTunes for $1.99

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