Nkyea Twi Phrasebook

  • Nkyea Twi Phrasebook
  • Nkyea Twi Phrasebook
  • Nkyea Twi Phrasebook
  • Nkyea Twi Phrasebook

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Application Description

If you want to learn the Twi language spoken by the Ashanti people in Ghana, look no further than Nkyea Twi Phrasebook. Nkyea Twi Phrasebook is the No. 1 Twi language app in the App Store. If you are new to the language, a beginner or an intermediary, Nkyea Twi Phrasebook will teach you to speak fluent Twi in the shortest possible time with simple everyday words and phrases.

The app is packed with more than a 1000 audio words and phrases organized in 16 different categories. You can easily search for a word or phrase in English and have the app instantly say it in Twi for you.

The improved recording feature allows you to record, playback and compare your recording with the native speaker to help you improve your fluency.

Also, if you find a phrase you would like to share with a friend, there are a plethora of ways to do so. You can share words and phrases on Facebook and Twitter or by email with the Twi sound file attached to it or you can send it by SMS.

In this update we have changed the Flirting category to Love and added a Happy Valentine subcategory of 18 great love phrases you can use this Valentine season.
We've also improved the share feature, so now you can send phrases by SMS to your family and friends.

Here's a list of Nkyea Twi Phrasebook's features:
* More than 1000 audible words and phrases
* Instant search through all the words and phrases
* Narration by a native Twi speaker who lives in Ghana
* Record, playback and compare with the native speaker
* Save words and phrases you like as favorites
* Share words and phrases with friends on Facebook and Twitter
* Send words and phrases by email with audio attachments
* Copy and send words and phrases by SMS
* Use the application without internet connection

If you are packing for a trip to Ghana or you just want to learn how to speak Twi, then get Nkyea Twi Phrasebook for your iPhone or iPod touch now!


Your mobile device must have at least 44.51 MB of space to download and install Nkyea Twi Phrasebook app. Nkyea Twi Phrasebook is available on iTunes for $2.99

If you have any problems with installation or in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application, you can visit the official website of Nkyea Learning Systems Nana Sarpong at http://www.nkyea.com.

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