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  • Current Version:Version: 1.1
  • Device Type:Device: iPhone Ready
  • Category:Category: Navigation
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Application Description

nke display is an iPhone application for regatta and cruising

• Application receives onboard NMEA 183 data per WIFI.

• Iphone becomes an instruments repetitor and can assist you in navigation and tactics


• By default, the parameters of communication WIFI are pre-recorded to work with nke interface.
However, the user will be able to change them to work with other interfaces NMEA / WIFI.
Other pre-recorded sources are set.

Application offers 8 pages.

➢ In Navigation: speed, AWA, TWS, depth and HEADING.
➢ Navigation page 1: position, SOG and COG.
➢ Tactic: AWA, SPEED, HEADING and tendency of the wind.
reference has to be choosen by pressing REFERENCE-TENDENCY in the window.
➢ WEATHER FORECAST: AWA, AWS, Air T°, Water T° and atmospheric pressure.
➢ Navigation page 2: Bearing and Distance to the WPT, CMG and benefit in CMG, COG and SOG.
➢ Performance: Speed, Targets Speed, TWA, optimal Angle, % Speed surface /Target speed.
➢ Wind Graphic: TWD and TWS
➢ Weather forecast page: Air T°, Water T° and Atmospheric Pressure

A double click on the screen display the settings:
• Source:
4 pre-recordered: nke-WLN10-iMux and Semate.It's possible to use the simulator which plays a file selected in Log menus.
• Units:
Depth (m, ft, FM).
Speed (kts, mph, km / h, m/s).
Temperature (°C and °F).
Distance (NM, mile, km, m).
• Ambiance:
Nke, Day and Night.
• Logs: Allow
- to start logging and to send it by email.
- to choose a log for the replay.
• Graphs:
- Choice ladder for Weather forecast and wind graph.
• Alarms:
- Choice of the data time-out.


Your mobile device must have at least 2.63 MB of space to download and install nke display app. nke display was updated to a new version. Purchase this version for $0.00

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