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Application Description

Thank you for finding the Nature Photographer Deluxe Version iPad magazine. It will help you channel your interest in nature photography into fulfilling photo sessions.
Download our app for FREE—then you have the option to either (a) purchase individual issues for $3.99 each or (b) subscribe for 1-year for $12.99. A yearly app subscription consists of four seasonal issues (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) beginning with the current issue.

We publish four seasonal editions—Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter—plus Special Editions showcasing contest winning images.

Each edition of Nature Photographer is timeless with information as valuable today as when initially published and filled with sharp, stunningly beautiful images. Please be sure to check out all the issues in our app library.

In the event you are unable to view your digital purchase, please try deleting the app and reinstalling it. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at Thank you.

Nature Photographer is a “how–to” and “where-to” creative vision magazine.
Each Nature Photographer app includes all the articles and images that are in the print edition. PLUS, there are additional articles, images, slide shows, video and live links to the contributors beautiful web sites in the app. Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the magazine.

Nature Photographer magazine is for nature photographers from beginners to professionals as well as for nature enthusiasts. This magazine is for those interested in photographing and exploring the outdoors in local and far-off destinations.

Our journeys explore:
▪How to photograph—from close-ups to wildlife to grand landscapes
and seascapes.
▪How to use specialized equipment.
▪Detailed natural history information.
▪Field techniques.
▪Healthy living tips through connection to the natural world.
▪Love of life, photography, nature, others and us.

We began publishing Nature Photographer in 1989 to showcase the work of a wide range of photographers. In addition to articles and images by world-renowned professional photographers, we include the work of photographers who are new to publishing, both those making images as a hobby as well as those building a career in photography. Within the content of this app you will find the stunning work of our Field Contributors and our Editors. If interested in information about becoming a Field Contributor, see for details.

Our Editors who contribute regularly are:

•John and Barbara Gerlach
•Weldon Lee
•Andy Long
•Piper Mackay
•Joe and Mary Ann McDonald
•Arthur Morris
•Helen Longest-Saccone
•Marty Saccone

We strive to showcase the Earth in the most beautiful light. We encourage you to be kind to the Earth and all life, including yourself.

$3.99 individual seasonal editions (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
$12.99 yearly subscription (includes the 4 seasonal editions.
$3.99 special contest editions. (Please Note: The Special Editions showcasing contest winning images are separate from the subscription and are not included in the subscription.)


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