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  • Current Version:Version: 2.0.4
  • Device Type:Device: iOS Universal
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Application Description

Add local video record and playback features!
Change new UI and easier to use!
This version adds ad-banner if you don't like it you can keep the old one, thanks.

MEyeProV3 allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from IPCameras and DVRs.

【and Our imac version has released in Mac Store】
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V3 version support more convenient settings & functions. Which can support MEye vMEye kMEye HBplayer APlayer ASee TMEye KWeye ect.
Features include:
-iPhone and iPod Touch compatible.
-Support for Pan,Tilt & Zoom control.
-Support Finger touch to control PTZ.
-Support both 3G and Wifi.
-Support Quad view.
-Direct stream connection. No video going through 3rd party servers.
-Snapshot capability (while viewing live stream) to save to your local photo gallery.
-Support for landscape and portrait mode.
-Ability to change ip address and port as desired for internal and remote users.
-Support DVRs or IP Cameras of different manufactures.

Compare to V2 ,the V3 has new features include:
1.Add Address book to list all your DVRs and IPCameras’ access information. (up to 4 devices)
2.More convenient finger touch to control PTZ.

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