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Application Description

Simple “To Do List | Task List” for managing your daily performance and results.

Inspired and incorporates self-management, task-management and productivity principles practiced and taught by:

- Andrew Carnegie, one of America’s first billionaires

- Dr. Stephen Covey, author of best seller “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

- Ivy Lee, the father of what is now known as Public Relations, and

- Bob Proctor, author, lecturer, mentor, and human potential expert.

myDailysix (mD6) App:

- Has an easily accessible mD6 Success Manual detailing many of the principles used by these noted high achievers to create consistent and extraordinary results.

- Incorporates the proven mD6 Success Process which simply stated helps you manage your life.

myDailysix | mD6 Success Process:

Helps you focus your attention and energy on those daily activities that provide the highest return for time-invested and consists of six simple steps to be followed daily:

1. REVIEW: at the end of your day, review your goals, projects, strategies, tactics, and day’s activities, your performance. See what worked, what didn’t.

2. PRIORITIZE: identify your highest-priority project(s) and associated SIX highest-results-producing activities. List them in order of highest impact.

3. PLAN: each morning before beginning your day, review your list and re-prioritize if needed

4. ACT: begin immediately. Take focused action to complete “your daily six”tm. Work fast. Do more in less time.

5. CELEBRATE: acknowledge and celebrate your daily success. Do something nice for yourself.

6. REPEAT: plan for tomorrow today, go to step 1: REVIEW.


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