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Application Description

The MobileDialer360 (MD360) can be used to make VoIP calls when your iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch is connected to the internet via WiFi or 3G.

1.Download the MD360 software from AppStore.
2.Configure MD360: Select Home > MD360. Set PIN and GroupID obtained from Ecocarrier or your service provider. Name is optional.

Make a call
1. Click the MD360 icon on the desktop.
2. Input the phone number beginning with the country code. Use X to delete the digit last digit if you make a mistake.
3. Click the green call button.
4. Have a conversation.
5. Click the red hang up button to end the call.

View call records
1. Go to the main screen of MD360.
2. Click CDR.
3. Input the date range and click Search.

Echo test
input *100* to test the call quality


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