MD SpyCam: Motion detecting spy gear

  • MD SpyCam: Motion detecting spy gear
  • MD SpyCam: Motion detecting spy gear
  • MD SpyCam: Motion detecting spy gear
  • MD SpyCam: Motion detecting spy gear

Detailed App Info:

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  • Current Version:Version: 1.0
  • Device Type:Device: iOS Universal
  • Category:Category: Photo & Video
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  • Download Size:App Size: 9.96 MB

Application Description

Spy cam with a password protected vault function for your spy footage. Military grade algorithms detect movement and trigger video recording! Undetectable with an inactive appearing device. Catch thieves, spy on your pets, check what people are doing when they’re alone. Try the app now! It’s free!

How it works
- Start Video Surveillance Mode
- Place the device so the camera faces the area you want to monitor
- The Display goes black and the app is recording all moments with movements
- When you tab the display your surveillance will finish
- All sequences with movement are automatically edited into one video.
- The video is stored in your password protected video vault.

Key Features

*Break-in Warning system*
Did someone try accessing your footage in the vault? You’ll always know! If your device has a FaceTime camera in the front, then each time the password is entered incorrectly a picture of the intruder will be taken! This goes unnoticed by the intruder and the images are being stored in your video vault. Ingenious!!

*Undetected Video Surveillance*
The display goes black during the surveillance mode. No one will suspect anything.

*Sound Detection*
Sound can be set as a trigger for recordings. So you can even listen to conversations without anyone knowing.

*Motion Detection*
Any movement will trigger recording. All findings will be edited by the app automatically into one video at the end of any surveillance session

*Password Protected Video Vault*
No one can access the footage without you knowing. So even if someone tries to delete the evidence. No chance! Your footage is save.

*Hours of Surveillance*
Although it is recommended to use a charger for longer surveillance periods, it is save to use the app for several hours if necessary. We’ve optimized the battery usage! All you need is a charged device and memory storage!

*Planned Surveillance Times*
Set a countdown to give you plenty of time to plant the device so no one suspects anything. Your surveillance will start only after the countdown. So place the device while having a chat and after a minute leave the room and surveillance will start. No one will suspect anything.

*YouTube Upload*
Upload any video to YouTube from within the app

User feedback:

- I finally found out who took my sweets all the time! Thanks! –
- Can’t stop using this app on my family! I’m loving it! –
- Love spying on my pets. Hilarious what they are up to when I’m not around! –
- Best spy cam I’ve used so far! -

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Try the app now! It’s free!


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