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Application Description

An iPad app for reading eBooks with eccentric viewing for people with macular disease.

The MD evReader (‘Macular disease eccentric viewing reader’) is a simple iPad app designed to help people with macular disease (MD) to read eBooks when combined with the ‘eccentric viewing’ technique. Eccentric viewing involves a person trying to see by making use of their peripheral, rather than central (macular) visual abilities. The app allows text (from ePub documents) to be scrolled horizontally, from right-to-left, across the screen. The speed and direction of text scrolling can be controlled using a track-pad on the ipad screen. The text can be enlarged and presented in very large fonts on a digital screen via a HDMI port (requires an Apple iPad HDMI adapter). The reader should hold their gaze at their preferred eccentric viewing position, away from the text, and to read the text without moving their eyes. At the present time the app cannot display books that have digital rights management encryption (DRM).


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