MAYA - The Magical FULL

  • MAYA - The Magical FULL
  • MAYA - The Magical FULL
  • MAYA - The Magical FULL
  • MAYA - The Magical FULL

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Application Description

Re-live the magic, the mystery, and the illusion of the battles between the gods and the demons. The "gods" are represented by "Hanuman", who is attacked by thousands of "asuras" (demons). Each asur can be killed by a unique weapon. They possess magical powers, can appear wherever they want, can come invisible ... and much more ... find out for yourself ...

The gods in the heavens help Hanuman by dropping magical flowers that give life-energy and weapons which give points that can be used to buy new weapons. However, you need to watch out for the fake flowers dropped by demonic forces, which would explode and end the game.

The game introduces each asur one by one along with the unique weapon that kills it in the earlier levels that serve as a "War Training". Once you are through this, you can experience the real "Battle", which would surely put your mental focus and physical reflexes to an ultimate test. In the "Invisible" mode, the demons can be seen only by activating Divine Vision.


Your mobile device must have at least 41.43 MB of space to download and install MAYA - The Magical FULL app. MAYA - The Magical FULL is available on iTunes for $0.99

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