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Application Description

Here are so Cool wallpapers you can enjoy up to level 1 to 100.
This wallpapers will be open by your memory only.
Do you have a good memory? If so, which level is your memory?
Now, test it and see which level you have!
While enjoying the game, you're going to experience to improve your memory better and you will get your own fantastic Wallpaper as soon as it's done.
Why don't you collect 100 terrific wallpapers?

If you want to check your memory, let's play the "Link's" !!!

1. Please follow the pattern on the screen.
2. If your answer is wrong, the screen will teach you the location up to three times. (If the answer is wrong, select the correct answers (green) without the need to enter from the beginning.)


Your mobile device must have at least 169.39 MB of space to download and install Link's app. Link's is available on iTunes for $0.00

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