Judge Words A Word Challenger

  • Judge Words A Word Challenger
  • Judge Words A Word Challenger
  • Judge Words A Word Challenger
  • Judge Words A Word Challenger

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Application Description


Judge Words helps you quickly settle Scrabble game word challenges and disputes. It's great for hardcore tournament play or casual home games. Don't slow the game down by flipping through bulky dictionaries and never lose a challenge again by referring to inadequate web sites that don't really list all valid Scrabble words.


-Challenge multiple words according to Scrabble rules
-Choose between standard tournament word lists for North American and international play (ENABLE and SOWPODS)
- French (ODS5) and italian (Zigarelli 2005) word lists
-Super fast, split second results
-Lists a description of the Scrabble challenge rules for quick reference
-No Internet connection required
-Elegant, easy to use and easy to read display


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