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Application Description

iConvertMaster is a very easy to use handy pocket converter. iConvertMaster offers a completely ad-free experience. iConvertMaster provides 15 functional converters including time, density, pressure and the featured "Any" converter. iConvertMaster also offers an advanced calculator and it works perfectly on both the iPhone and the iPad. But here's the special part:
iConvertMaster is not only a utility. It can be used as a pocket reference too. Say, you just heard about a unit of force you have never heard of before. All you have to do is open iConvertMaster and select that unit in the force converter and read all about it. iConvertMaster offers brief offline descriptions to all the units included in it. And if that's not enough, you get a link to the Wikipedia page of that button that opens right in the app. iConvertMaster is a very easy to use calculator, converter and reference utility.


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