iConBoard HD (Favorites, Contacts)

  • iConBoard HD (Favorites, Contacts)
  • iConBoard HD (Favorites, Contacts)
  • iConBoard HD (Favorites, Contacts)
  • iConBoard HD (Favorites, Contacts)

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  • Current Version:Version: 1.1
  • Device Type:Device: iPad Ready
  • Category:Category: Productivity
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  • Download Size:App Size: 31.42 MB

Application Description

Use Favorites and Address Books as one board!
An easy convenient multifunctional iConBoard

Our fabulous iCons make you easy email, and connect web pages and face-time, Map open,.

- Top icon: 108, bottom icon: 12
- including 500 icons, 100 built-in backgrounds

The major functions and features
- Dialing, Sending a text message, Websites Connection, Face-Time connection, Emailing.
- When you touch an icon long, a new window will appear to be able to see all functions.
- If you touch the icon in short, specific functions you frequently use are executed immediately.
- Top 100 : When you slide a screen to the left, you can check popularity rankings of your favorite.
- Privacy Protection
1) Set up password to user's each icon
2) Support a Self-Web browser (Web pages history is not saved because of using a Self-Web browser inside the application).
- The bottom icon: A (Web)-type, B (People)-type. A layout can be selected of between A type and B type.
- The top icon can be generated up to 120 (=10 pages), and the bottom icon can be used up to 12 (=4 pages).
- Beautiful and simple designs (including 500 icons, 100 built-in backgrounds), The shape of the icon shell can be changed into two, square and circle.
- Icon’s images and background can be changed depending on your taste.


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