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Application Description

iBalt is an application dedicated to Medical Doctors and people that use medical devices manufactured by BALT EXTRUSION to treat intracranial aneurysms.

- Background

Intracranial aneurysms are like a bulge in the vessel wall that can be treated by implanting devices that will stop the blood flow from entering the aneurysm.

The appropriate device should match in size the artery targeted for implant. This is done by measuring different parameters, like vessel proximal and distal diameter to the aneurysm and the sac size/neck size.

Those measures will guide the choice of an intracranial stent, or a combination of multiple stents that will fit into the artery covering the aneurysm neck.

BALT EXTRUSION is a company that manufactures medical devices for endovascular approach to aneurysm treatment

The Intracranial stents from BALT EXTRUSION are marketed under the brand names of LEO+ and SILK.

They are described by a diameter and a length for implant in matching vessels. The intracranial stents are made of braided wires that make the stent flexible to adapt to a range of diameters.

As a result, the stent will have a nominal length, but will vary its length according to the diameter of the vessel in which is deployed. Those are all variables that need to be taken into considerations at the moment of selecting the stent size.

- iBalt

IBalt has been conceived with this purpose in mind: to be a decision support tool that the physician can easily use when he has images of the patient intracranial vasculature in front of his eyes.

- Safety and security

iBalt doesn’t replace expert opinion. At the time of the download from the AppStore, a message will ask the user to acknowledge that the iBalt is a simple support tool, and it should in no way replace or influence the decision of the physician that knows the patient anatomy , medical history and clinical conditions.

A warning signal in the shape of a triangle is visible at all times on the screen of the application. Once clicked on, a message appears to remind again the importance of an expert advice and the suggestion to read carefully the device Instructions For Use and the product Labels to have a complete set of information.

- Description: SILK and LEO+

The iBalt is made of 3 applications. One dedicated to SILK, one dedicated to LEO+ and the last one is a simple converter from and to millimeter, French and Inch.

The 2 first applications work as follows: by sliding the ruler right and left, it is possible to select the proximal and distal vessel diameter. In the same way it is possible to select the neck size .

The result is automatically shown in the lower part of the screen, in the form of the stent name and its size (diameter x length).

2 results are given that could respond to the inputs, as depending on the patient anatomy, the physician might decide to implant different lengths or different diameters.

It is also possible that the solution suggested is a combination of the 2 stents, LEO+ and SILK.

If the algorithm of the application doesn’t find a suitable result, a message of “NO SOLUTION” is displayed. This can happen when the inputs are out of the range of the stent features. So, if an artery has a diameter smaller or bigger than the stent indicated compatibility, there will be no result with the mentioned devices.

IT could also happen that the 2 diameters differ too much. In that case also, there will appear a message of “Too big discrepancy” and there will be no solution with the BALT devices.

- Description: Converter

The converter is a simple converter between units of measures that are very much common in the field of endovascular discipline. Different devices have different diameters (external and internal) that are sometimes expressed in MM, Inch or French.


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