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Application Description

Hungry is a monkey, and he's hungry! So feed him!

This innovative new kind of game brings a new really cool gaming experience to your device.

You feed the monkey by tapping ow swiping on on his food.

There are four modes of the game, giving everybody out there something to enjoy!
Normal mode.
Zen mode.
Crazy mode, twist: the food moves!
Endless mode, twist: no time limit!

You can choose to play either using tap or swipe. In swipe gameplay, you have to swipe the food instead on tapping it, making this a more challenging kind of gameplay for those who really want to master the game!

If you feed the monkey poison, he dies!

Some reviews:
5 stars - Very cool game and nice graphics.
5 stars - Good Job, my kids love this game :)
5 stars - Very fun game to play.
5 stars - I like your icon of the app reminds me of a cartoon character of childhood ..:P
4 stars - Waoo, this game is so entertaining. It's been a long time that I feel bored with games but this one.

There are tons of achievements to pursue! See if you can get to the top of the leaderboard!

The game is indeed very simple yet very challenging at some points!

Can you get the ultimate 10,000 points and be crowned as King of the Monkey?


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