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  • Firenze - Virtual History
  • Firenze - Virtual History
  • Firenze - Virtual History
  • Firenze - Virtual History

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Application Description

Firenze - Virtual History, a three-dimensional journey using your iPad through the city that invented the Renaissance. Enter this epicenter of art, invention and history and even explore in detail masterpieces like those of Dante, Leonardo and Michelangelo.

Following the international success of the app for discovering antique Rome, the Virtual History Collection presents another Italian city famous all around the world, Firenze. The app incorporates new touch interface solutions to that allow you to view in depth world renowned Renaissance works of art, making them interactive, three-dimensional and dynamic. With "Firenze" you can relive history and enter virtually into the various masterpieces from Botticelli's Venus, where various elements that compose the painting come to life by touching the screen; to Masaccio's space, entering the famous "hole in the wall" simulated in his fresco "the Trinity". The app rebuilds Raffaello's "photographic studio" allowing you to place the lights in his paintings and see the effects. It includes a series of immersive environments that take you into the heart of Florentine culture from Dante's Inferno to Brunelleschi's perspectives.

In addition to paintings, users can also manipulate architectural structures that have been specifically redesigned in 3D, from San Giovanni's Baptistery to Palazzo Vecchio, from Santa Maria Novella to Palazzo Pitti, revealing through interactivity and virtual reality all the secrets of the capital of the Renaissance.

The app also traces with detailed timelines the major historical events and battles that marked the history of the city and the greatest Florentine geniuses of all time that lived and worked in the city, that today have their sculptures and paintings in the Uffizi Gallery.

By exploiting the innovative Bubble Viewer technology, a distinguishing element of the Collection's apps, Firenze Virtual History goes through a fascinating "conquest of reality" orchestrated by the great Florentine masters, and describes the city historical and cultural context that made the Renaissance possible, immersing you in the city center, in front of the monuments that have marked architectural history.


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