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  • Current Version:Version: 1.3.2
  • Device Type:Device: iPad Ready
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  • Download Size:App Size: 24.12 MB

Application Description

Imagine a card game that is super inviting, personalizable and entertaining. This is that game.

ERS is an extremely colorful, customizable, and fun way to play Egyptian Rat Slap (or Rat Screw).

On the same iPad, you can play with up to 3 friends or challenge 3 computers at five levels of difficulty.

You can play cards by either swiping them toward the pile, or by double or single taping on the card.

The game sports 13 of your favorite rules. With nearly 170 combinations of them, you can definitely play with the style you are accustomed to.

Nine artistically designed cards and nearly 20 backgrounds combine to create nearly 200 unique looks. You can make the game look truly yours.

With over 35,000 different combinations of rules, playing styles, and artwork, the possibilities for fun are limitless with ERS.


Your mobile device must have at least 24.12 MB of space to download and install ERS-HD app. ERS-HD was updated to a new version. Purchase this version for $1.99

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