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Application Description

★ The space arcade game for kids! ★

Doodle War has cute graphics and great music... with the big bad alien awaits at the final level! There are 3 music in the game and 2 are hidden! Can you find them?

The game was designed by a little girl Lim Xin Quan when she was 5 years old. She drew all the colorful graphics in the game!

★ Reviews ★

★ Congratulations to prodigy Lim Xin Quan for some adorable graphics! And to Virtual GS for putting them in a fun shoot-em-up arcade game. - app reviewer

★ It's amazing colorful graphics are awsome and it's unbelievable that a 5 year old made them. Good job! - app reviewer

★ Pretty much my title and that this inspires me to make a app of my own. This girls got talent! Woo! - app reviewer


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