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Application Description

Dflux is more than another simple and addictive puzzle game.

Your goal is to lead each flux from its source to a matching color slot. To do this you just need to rotate blocks containing different kind of pipes. But there is not always a source for every slot, which is why special blocks allow you to divide or combine flux of different colors.

Dflux offers a wide range of difficulty: from beginner’s levels that will let you discover the gameplay, to completely insane levels that will make your head spin, and everything in between. You need an awesome puzzle game, and play relaxed? No problem, take your time and enjoy the clean and colorful graphics. You can quit a game if you feel stuck, do another one, and resume the first game anytime you want.

But if you need a real challenge, just log in and play in time trial mode. Try to increase your score for each level by improving the time you spent and number of steps you made. A leaderboard is here to show your talent to the rest of the world.

Give it a try, it's really more than another simple and addictive puzzle game, and it's free!

Technical note: Although Dflux is a simple game, it has a complex rendering, with lots of visual effects. So if the game is not fluid on your device, try the “HD” icon on the main menu to reduce the visual quality. Anyway, it won't work on an iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th generation or earlier, nor the iPad 1st generation.

Final note: When playing larger levels, especially on iPhones or iPods, you can pinch to zoom and slide to scroll.


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