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Application Description

DfacOmatic - The latest scientific innovation in Dining Facility selection. Featuring spinomatic technology.

Kandahar can be a stressful place. I'm not talking about the heat, the dust, or poo pond. I'm not even talking about the rockets that come lobbing in, the gunplay, or the odd Taliban seeking greater glory. You all know what I am talking about - "Where will I eat tonight"

Our Scienceologists have more than a couple studies that show dining hall selection can raise stress levels in soldiers and civilians alike by at least a dozen.

DfacOmatic, uses Quantum Mechanics to scientifically choose the correct dining facility for you. This will reduce your stress levels, bring your chi into balance, and contribute to increasing your overall wellness.

When your choice has been mad for you, link directly to useful and insightful reviews so you'll know how bad it is. Additionally you can provide your own reviews to be forever visible on the inter webs.

Bon Appetite.


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