Detox Guru - Juice Recipes

  • Detox Guru - Juice Recipes
  • Detox Guru - Juice Recipes
  • Detox Guru - Juice Recipes
  • Detox Guru - Juice Recipes

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Application Description

Detox your body for the New Year and feel GREAT for 2014!

Using the Detox Guru app can benefit your body in many ways:-

• Assist with weight loss
• Be a preventative measure against Cancer
• Cleanses the system of toxins
• Reduce bloating and IBS
• Improve skin complexion
• Healthier teeth and nails
• Help with thinking and memory
• Improve immune system
• And many more... you'll feel GREAT!

Main features of the app:

• 50+ detox juice recipes complete with photographs
• In-depth ingredients list with quantities
• Full list of recipe benefits based on ingredients used
• Save your favorite recipes
• Create an ingredients list to make shopping easy
• Juice of the day suggestion
• Learn how to become a Detox Guru with our helpful lessons

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before you start using any detox diet and/or juices you should consult a qualified health professional and/or your medical doctor. Pregnant women & children should not use detox diets and/or juices. Those with health conditions such as liver and/or kidney disease should only conduct a detox whilst under the supervision of their primary care provider. Our detox juices are not intended for alcohol or drug detoxification.


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