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Application Description

Day Count is an app with one purpose: to count the days until you reach a goal. You set a end date and the name of the goal or event, and CountDown does the rest. It evens shows you the remaining days that were computed the last time the app was run on the badge on your home screen icon.

Count the days until your birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, New Year's Eve, or the inauguration of the president! After you reach your goal you can use this app again and again -- just change the date, event name and image!

Day Count also has the ability to count the elapsed days since an event. Just enter any date that is in the past, or even today, and Day Count will track the days that you have been married, or have quit smoking, or anything else.

To keep the date current, tap Day Count once a day to run the program and the screen icon will stay up to date.

HINT: To select years in the future, turn time mode off. You can them turn time mode back on to see the time fields, the year will remain as you set it.

You can choose to see the days remaining as just days, or as years, months, weeks, and days.

You also have the option to enter the time that an event will occur, as well as the day. You can choose to turn this option on or off, which would leave the screen showing just the whole days, counting the change at midnight.

Day Count also has the ability to show the remaining years, months, and weeks, and days until your goal, or, if your goal has already happened, since the event has occurred.

When time mode is on, the main screen also shows the hours, minutes, and seconds until the event.

The home screen badge always shows the whole days, using the midnight change. Thus, you can see a different day on the main screen, since more detailed info can be shown there.

You also have ability to choose any photo in your library to customize the main page background screen. Going to the beach? Select a beach picture! Or put the picture of the person who's birthday you are waiting for. It's up to you. Day Count is one app that you will use over and over.


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