Dave Chappelle Clayton Bigsby Sound_Board

  • Dave Chappelle Clayton Bigsby Sound_Board
  • Dave Chappelle Clayton Bigsby Sound_Board
  • Dave Chappelle Clayton Bigsby Sound_Board

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Application Description

Blind Supremacy: a biography of a blind white supremacist who is not aware that he is actually a black man.

""WARNING: For viewers sensitive to issues of race, be advised that the following piece contains gratuitous use of the “N” word.""

Dave Chappelle portrayed a blind black-white supremacist named Clayton Bigsby on his very first episode of the show, he said it was modeled after his own fathers struggles with living in the south as a black man, forced to forgive all the prejudice he once endured for being adopted by white parents.

For entertainment purposes only.

24 total sounds

-Woogie Boogie ni****.
-Open up your heart and let that hate out!
-We have alot of things to discuss, mainly "negrus"...
-Condolingas rice, sounds like Mexican dish
-Can't understand yew, go back go your "conntry"!
-He has accepted he is a black man, and 3 days ago he filed for divorce... when we asked why... after 13 years, he responded: because, she was a ni**** lover...

and many more!

** if you don't hear a sound, please make sure your volume is up and vibrate is off! ** --- *** if you are still having trouble, some older devices don't "take in" the sound change until you restart the app. please try this. ***

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