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  • Current Version:Version: 1.2
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Application Description

Cubase iC from Steinberg Media Technologies turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a powerful wireless remote control for Cubase 6 and Cubase 7! Whether you are using Cubase in the studio or on stage, Cubase iC gives you fast and precise control of essential functions from anywhere within your WiFi network range. Cubase iC allows you to control basic transport functions, monitor playback position and control the unique Arranger Track for instant remixing of your Cubase projects.

Please note that being a remote control, this application provides no use or function without a connection to Cubase 6, Cubase 7, Cubase Artist 6 or Cubase Artist 7.

* Producer's remote in the control room
* Remote-controlled recording for musicians
* Live performance control on stage

* Transport Tab:
- Dual Position Displays
- Jog Band and Project Time Position Slider

- Go to zero
- Go to previous marker
- Rewind
- Play/Stop
- Forward
- Go to next marker
- Record (Punch In/Out)

- Arranger On/Off
- Metronome Click On/Off
- Precount On/Off
- Cycle On/Off

* Arranger Tab:
- Arranger On/Off
- Play
- Jump

Steinberg SKI Remote extension must be installed:


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