Crab Grab For iPad

  • Crab Grab For iPad
  • Crab Grab For iPad
  • Crab Grab For iPad
  • Crab Grab For iPad

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Application Description

Dear Customers,

We thank you for all the support and downloads that you have given us. Your choice has made Crazy crab reach the top position in iTunes. Happy Gaming...!

Crazy Crab for iPad is a time management game in which orange crab has to build a bridge using Box and reach its destination within specified time. The Challenge is to avoid pushing the box on the wrong path and land up being stranded. The Game is time bound and this make every move that you make a very valuable one. Avoid the dangerous red crab's path as it will kill you.

Tap direction keys to control orange crab.


1. Two Types of Crabs: Crazy Orange Crab, Dangerous red Crab

2. Box to build bridge over Water

3. Polished graphics with background music

4. Highly challenging and exciting levels


Your mobile device must have at least 13.23 MB of space to download and install Crab Grab For iPad app. Crab Grab For iPad was updated to a new version. Purchase this version for $4.99

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