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Application Description

If you are starting to learn Greek or English, or want to extend your knowledge of these languages, then Collins Greek Dictionary is the ideal language resource to help you understand and communicate. The electronic edition for iPhone includes two volumes - the Collins English-Greek Dictionary and Collins Greek-English Dictionary and offers a comprehensive coverage of today’s Greek and English in clear, user-friendly format.
The Collins Greek Dictionary is invaluable for work, home, or office use.

Collins Greek–English Dictionary

* Compiled and illustrated by thousands of real-language examples from a corpus of modern Greek.
* The most frequent Greek words are covered in depth and usage notes are given throughout the text.
* In-depth coverage of the most important Greek words.

Collins English–Greek Dictionary

* Accurate translations and in-depth treatment of the most frequently used words in English help guide learners to the most appropriate translation.
* Clear layout ensures that the learner finds the information they need quickly and easily.

The dictionary is powered by the MSDict technology especially enhanced for iPhone, iPad and iPod with the following key benefits:

* No connection to the Internet required - you can use the dictionary on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without connecting to the Internet and with no additional charges

* Colorful and feature-rich user interface with faster and easier word access
* Customizable two-pane user interface (for iPad)
* Quick word search while you type
* Fast hyperlinks between words and articles
* Fast article scrolling
* Favorites - you can use the Favorites feature as a learning tool and create your own categories and lists of words.
* History of the last visited words so you can quickly return to recently checked words
* Font size control for easier reading
* No connection to the Internet required, so browse anytime and anywhere with no additional charges
* “Word of the day” and “Random word” feature
* Switch easily between English and Greek entries
* Includes exciting new word games like Hangman, Word Scramble, Flashcards and Anagrams to facilitate the learning process

Can’t find the word you are looking for? Three kinds of filters will help you locate that elusive word.

* Fuzzy filter – used when you are not sure of the correct spelling of a word
* Keyword – used to locate the instances of a key word within other compound words
* Wild card – “?” and “*” replace a letter and group of letters in words to broaden your search


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