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  • Current Version:Version: 1.9.5
  • Device Type:Device: iPhone Ready
  • Category:Category: Photo & Video
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  • Download Size:App Size: 543.74 KB

Application Description

iTunes Rewind 2009 Top Seller App in Japan. CameraKit is the app which collected the functions like a film camera, it is real though it is simple and easy.

*A lot of wonderful works.

You choose the film type and can appoint a developing method. Those setting items are very analog like. And it makes your photograph art in taste such as the film camera.

A classic color and monochrome, the cross process that the finish cannot predict, fantastic expression by the soft focus, the bold light and shade by Push/Pull processing. You can adapt myself to Sheen, and please enjoy favorite setting. A little signature (your copyright etc.) is put in the photograph.

Moreover, it is also possible to read a photo from a Photo Albums.


- Film (Color / B&W / Sepia / Classic)
- Vignette
- Flash Lighting
- Soft Focus (Lv.0 to 3)
- Cross Processing (Red / Green / Blue / Yellow)
- Push/Pull processing (-2 to +2)
- Signature

- Save Original option
- Square Cropping option
- Max Output Size option (427/640/800/1024/1280/1600/Original)
- Startup option (none/Camera/PhotoAlbums)
- Send Email and Twitter(iOS5)

* These settings can be used by freely combining respectively. For instance, it can enjoy a lot of variations such as Classic + Vignetting + XPro Green + Push.


Your mobile device must have at least 543.74 KB of space to download and install CameraKit app. CameraKit on sale for only $0.99! Download it from iTunes now to save money. Hurry in for the deals, they are updated daily.

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