Bubbaloos SightWords Deluxe

  • Bubbaloos SightWords Deluxe
  • Bubbaloos SightWords Deluxe
  • Bubbaloos SightWords Deluxe
  • Bubbaloos SightWords Deluxe

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Application Description

Undeniably the early years of a child’s education are critical to his or her development as a reader.

During preschool and the primary grades she or he is building the foundations for a lifetime of reading.

One of the building blocks of a strong foundation in reading is sight words. The ability to easily identify and understand high frequency words in texts helps the young reader move efficiently and effectively through reading tasks.

Benefits of Teaching Sight Words includes:

* Sight words are confidence builders.
* Sight words free up a child’s energy to tackle more challenging words
* Sight words provide clues to the meaning of a sentence.
* Sight words sometimes defy decoding strategies.
* Sight word instruction builds a foundation for reading new, more complex words.
* Sight words enhance ESL instruction.

App Features includes :

* Over 200 sight words
* Graded from Pre-Primer to 3rd Grade
* Both US and UK pronunciations
* Beautifully designed interface to enhance your child's visual learning experience.
* Simple navigation

* Includes fun educational games:
- Jigsaw puzzles
- Spot the difference
- Squashman

* Full developer support.

* No in-app purchasing or advertising.

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