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Application Description

URGENT: Upon launch, you must tap the (i) button and switch to Hi-Res Mode for full quality! On iOS 6, you must give "Binoculars" access to your photos in order to have pics saved to your camera roll. Use new "Settings-->Privacy-->Photos".

This is the REAL THING with true 12x Photo-Quality Zoom and one-tap access to Satellite Aerial View of your location. Don't trust the fake reviews and bogus descriptions for other Binoculars or Camera Apps. Binoculars by i4software is the ONLY Binoculars app on the app store that uses the full photo resolution of your iOS device (up to 8MP for iPhone 4S) to deliver the very best possible real-time zoom enlargement.

Other apps simply blow up the video preview resulting in a terrible picture quality as you can imagine. Binoculars actually triggers the photo sensor as fast as possible (which is why you'll hear the shutter sound) and then enlarges from that full resolution photo image resulting in a much higher quality enlargement and a much more useful image. We agree that the technology is not quite "there yet" to perfect the concept of a Binoculars app but rest assured that we have created the best possible solution for now.

Please understand that our approach will trigger the camera shutter sound a few times every second. You can change this in Settings by turning HIGH-RES MODE off and it will function like other Binoculars applications or like the native camera preview zoom but why would you want to?

As iOS devices get faster and more powerful and as Apple continues to improve the camera sensors, we will continue to upgrade Binoculars to give you the smoothest possible, high-resolution experience.

Why pack binoculars when they can now be a part of your phone? Zoom in up to 12x for a closer look at nature, sporting events, or someone in the distance—you can even take a high-resolution photo while in zoom mode.

From i4software, creators of Flashlight, Fast Camera, Video Camera, Speed Match and many more...

• Binoculars incorporates GPS technology and displays your location on the map, shows your latitude and longitude coordinates, and remembers the exact location of your pictures.

• Binoculars’ simple user-interface makes it fast and easy to use for all ages.


Your mobile device must have at least 1.04 MB of space to download and install Binoculars app. Binoculars is available on iTunes for $1.99

If you have any problems with installation or in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application, you can visit the official website of i4software ESS International Corporation at

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