Bible Trivia TRIVILATOR Multiplayer Bible Trivia

  • Bible Trivia TRIVILATOR Multiplayer Bible Trivia
  • Bible Trivia TRIVILATOR Multiplayer Bible Trivia
  • Bible Trivia TRIVILATOR Multiplayer Bible Trivia
  • Bible Trivia TRIVILATOR Multiplayer Bible Trivia

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Application Description

Bible Trivia like you've never seen it before. Play Bible Trivia games against your friends (2-10 at the same time) and learn more about the Bible while you play!

"It's a Mobile Social Trivia Machine."

New questions are added weekly.

* Multiplayer turn-by-turn trivia allows you to play unlimited games at your convenience.

* Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms packs with 100 questions each. More packs will be added each week!

* Real-time chat let's you talk to your friends while you play.

* Real-time Leaderboard allows you to see averages, total point leaders, even averages per game pack.

* Play Local Games

* Random games: The TRIVILATOR will search and find new friends for you to play against.

* Play your Facebook Friends.

* Find people to play by username or from your existing contacts.

In 1947, a shepherd made the biggest discovery of the century in the Qumran caves near the rim of the Dead Sea. The ancient scrolls he found were later named the Dead Sea Scrolls. Over 200 of the scrolls contained portions of the Bible dating back to 250BC. Every Old Testament book was represented except Esther. Prior to this discovery, the earliest surviving manuscript of the Old Testament was from AD 900. The Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts were found to be nearly identical to the text we have today, revealing the historic reliability of the Bible.

In that same Qumran cave, another discovery was made. A peculiar machine known as the TRIVILATOR that was later modernized with technology from the late 50s.

After months of development in our top secret underground labs, we've remastered and modified this antique apparatus to work with mobile devices.

The TRIVILATOR will educate you with hours of multiplayer Bible Trivia. It will heighten your knowledge of the most historically documented inspired text in the history of the world.


Your mobile device must have at least 12.94 MB of space to download and install Bible Trivia TRIVILATOR Multiplayer Bible Trivia app. Bible Trivia TRIVILATOR Multiplayer Bible Trivia is available on iTunes for $0.00

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