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  • ABBYY CardHolder
  • ABBYY CardHolder
  • ABBYY CardHolder

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Application Description

ABBYY Cardholder offers a simple, budget-friendly way to capture and manage contact information from business cards.

This app allows you to make calls or send SMS and e-mails with just a single tap on the image of captured card. Thanks to its own digital storage, you can free your iPhone ‘Contacts’ from unnecessary clutter!

For those who may want to save contacts straight to the iPhone address book and to have some other, advanced capabilities, we would recommend ABBYY Business Card Reader – a versatile contact managing app. You can try it at the App Store.

Simply take a snapshot of a business card and ABBYY CardHolder will do the rest!
◉ It recognizes and stores contact data within its own archive and provides convenient search, sorting and grouping functions;
◉ Contact data from business cards is instantly available for sending e-mails or SMS texts and making calls;
◉ The app enables an easy transfer of all your contacts to any other iPhone.

Interned connection is not required.
The app is compatible with all iPhones starting from 3GS. iOS 4.3 or higher is recommended.

- Enables easy searching, sorting and grouping of captured business card data;
- Archives and restores all data from captured business cards both for your iPhone and computer;
- Automatically recognizes information on business cards: name, company, phone numbers, etc.;
- Recognizes business cards in 21 languages, including multilingual cards:
-Norwegian (both Bokmal and Nynorsk)
-Portuguese (Brazilian)

ABBYY CardHolder is a compact version of ABBYY Business Card Reader - a versatile contact managing application that:
- Instantly transfers business card data into your iPhone ‘Contacts’
- Exports new contacts to the Salesforce CRM
- Provides you with information about new contacts across popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!
- Enables search for a street address via online mapping services.

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